For Lease, MLS Guide


看的时候注意,入住时间, 红色箭头是入住时间。
9/1/2021 代表9月1日可以入住,Immed代表可以立即入住。

红色方框里是包不包水电气,家具是Furnished, y是yes, n是no,比如Furnished:Y代表包家具。Water Incl:Y 代表包水。 Heat Incl:Y 代表包取暖。  Hydro Incl:N 代表不包电。

绿色框内是停车位的情况:Park/Drv Spcs:0 代表没有车位


1.    房源地址:方便大家在谷歌地图上找出房子地址,看看具体方位,以及周边的配套设施。

2.    价格:每月的房租金额。

3.    DOM:Days on the Matket:一套房子出现在市场上的天数。

4.    Bedrooms:有几间卧室。

5.    Washrooms:有几间卫生间。一般都会标注规格:1×4 的意思是4 piece bath,既有浴缸也有淋浴。1×3的意思是3 piece bath,有浴缸或者淋浴。1×2则是powder room,没有洗澡的地方。

6.    MLS#:每套房源独有的号码,换句话说就是房源的身份证号码。

7.    Contract Date:几号放出的房子,和DOM的作用相同。

8.    Possession:入住时间。Immed代表可以立即入住。这个需要重点关注

9.    Aqx Sqft:房屋的总面积。

10.  Water:供水情况,有时候会包水费。

11.  Park Spce:停车位。如果是1室公寓的话,一般仅有一个车位。

12.  Heat Incl:使用暖气是否收费。每个公寓的情况不同,一般冬天会比夏天的费用高很多。

13.  Hydro Incl:电费情况。公寓是否包电费,还是自费。

14.  Cable TV Incl:电视的收费情况,是自己负担还是房东负担。

15.  Furnished:家具情况。租住时包不包家具。

MLS的Listing Sheet上还有很多常见的英文专业词汇的缩写,这里也简单跟大家分享一下: 

A/C – Air Conditioner, also CAC – Central Air Conditioner 空调 CAC是中央空调ACC – Access (as in Acc to backyard) 进入到… 如:直接通往后院AD- Advertisement 广告
Agr – agricultural (as in zoned Agr) 农业的
Agmt – Agreement (as in Agmt of Purchase and Sale) 合约
A.K.A. – “Also Known As” – as in, semi-detached a.k.a. “semi“. 另外被大家所熟知的名称
Alum – Aluminum (as in alum siding) 铝制的
Apt – Apartment (as in Basement Apt) 公寓
Apx – Approximate, also Appx 大约

Bbq – Barbeque 烧烤
B/I – Built-In (as in B/I Dishwasher) 装修时包在里面的,内置的
B/I/DW – Built-In Dishwasher 
Berber – A high-quality broadloom/carpet  高级地毯
Bkfst – Breakfast (as in Bkfst Nook or Bkfst Room) 早餐
Bldg – Building 
BR – Bedroom (as in 4BR) also Bdr 卧室
Brdlm – Broadloam (carpet) 地毯
Bsbrds – Baseboards 踢脚线
Bsmt – Basement (as in finished Bsmt) 地下室

CAC – Central Air Conditioning also C/A 中央空调
Comb – Combined (as in Comb Living Room/Dining Room or Comb LR/DR) 合在一起的
Cond – Condition or Conditional 条件,有条件的
Condo – Condominium 高级公寓
Cov – Coverings (as in Window Cov – drapes,curtains, shears, etc) 窗帘
Cvac – Central Vaccum (system) 中央吸尘器

Desig – Designation (as in Desig heritage property) 遗产房里会提到这个词
Det – Detached (as in Det Garage or Det House or Semi Det) 独立屋
Dir – Direction 方向
Dft – Deal Fell Through (status condition on MLS) 交易告吹
DOM – Days On Market (time listed as shown on MLS) 上市天数
DR – Dining Room 饭厅
DRs -Doors 门
Dryr – Dryer (as in Cloths Dryr) 干衣机

EAC – Electronic Air Cleaner 空气净化器
Egdo – Extra Garage Door Opener 多的车房门开关
ELFs – Electrical Lighting Fixtures 灯具
Ent – Entrance (as in separate Ent or Sep Ent)入口
Excl – Excluded (as in Excl Chandelier)不包含在内
Exp – Expired (as in Exp Listing, a status condition on MLS)过期
Exh – Exhaust (as in Exh fan or Exh to outside)排气扇

FAG – Forced Air Gas (as in FAG furnace or heating system) 燃气的热风取暖
Fam – Family (as in Fam Room or Fam Rm, or FR or F/R 
Feat – Feature or Features (as in Feat a pool)
Fin – Finished已装修
Fl – Floor, also Flrs (as in main Fl or hardwood Fl)楼层

Gar – Garage, also Grg车房
Gdo – Garage Door Opener车房开关
GB&E – Gas Burner & Equipment (furnace)燃气炉

Hi-Eff – High-Efficiency (furnace)高效的
Hwt (r) – Hot Water Tank (rental)热水炉

I/G – Inground (as in I/G pool) 地平面以下
Incl – Included包含在内
Int – Interior or Interest (rate) 内饰或利息
Irr – Irregular, also Irreg (as in Irr lot size) 不标准的

Kit – Kitchen厨房

L/A – Listing Agent also L.A. 卖家经纪
LBO – Listing Broker Office (as in keys or documents at Lbo) 卖家经纪
Loc – Location 地点
Low-Eff – Low-Efficiency (furnace) 低效的
LR – Living Room also L/R 起居室
Lux – Luxury ( as in Lux condo) 豪华的
Lvl – Level 层
LVR – Loan-to-Value Ratio 贷款对资产值比例

Micro – Microwave 微波炉
Mn – Main (as in Mn Floor or MnFl or MnFlr or M/F) 一般指一楼
Mnths – Months, also Mos or Mth 月
Msrmts – Measurements 测量数据

Nr – Near 靠近
 Occup – Occupied or Occupancy 有人居住
O/Looks – Overlooks (as in dining room O/looks Living Room or DR O/Looks LR) 能一眼看过去,俯瞰
ONHWP – Ontario New Home Warranty Program
Part – Partly (as in Part finished basement) 一般指部分装修的地下室
 PC – Piece, also pc (as in 3PC bathroom, 3pc BR) 件
PITI – Principal, interest, taxes, and insurance with regard to a mortgage or loan.本金,利息,税收,保险
Pwdr – Powder (as in Powdr Room, Pwdr Rm) 洗手间

REA – Real Estate Agent or Realtor 房产经纪
Rec – Recreation (as in Rec Room or Rec Rm)
Res – Residence, also residential (as in zoned Res) 居住的
R/I – Rough-In (as in R/I fireplace or dishwasher) 预留管道Rm – Room房间R/O – reverse osmosis (water purification system) 一种净水系统
Rrea – Registered Real Estate Agent 注册房产经纪

Sds – Sides (as in Sides on the park) 在…边上
Sec – Security 安全
Sep – Seperate (as in Sep Living Room and Dining Room or Sep LR/DR)分开的或分门
Sgwo – Sliding Glass Door Walkout 玻璃推拉门
Sl – Sliding (as in Sl glass patio doors) 推拉门
Sol – Solarium 太阳能的
Spec – Special特殊的
SPIS – Seller Property Information Statement 卖家签的关于房屋的一份文件,会把他们知道的关于房屋的信息写在上面。
Sq – Square (as in 100 sq feet)
Sqft – Square Feet 平方尺
Stv – Stove 烤箱
Sys – System (as in Security Sys or Sec Sys) 系统

Tba – To Be Announced or Arranged 等通知安排
TTC – Toronto Transit Commission (bus and subway system in Toronto)多伦多地铁和车站
TLC – Tender Loving Care meaning needs some repairs. 修缮

UFFI – Urea Formaldihide Foam Insulation尿素甲醛绝缘材料
Upgr – Upgraded (as in carpet upgr or upgr cabinets) 已升级的

W – With (as in comes w all appliances)
Win – Window (as in Win covering or Win Cov) 窗
W/I – Walk-In (as in W/I closet) 走入式衣橱
W/L – Where Laid ( as in carpet W/L) also W/Laid 
W/O – Walk-Out (as in Basement Apartment W/O or W/O to deck) 走出式地下室

很多时候Listing Sheet上只会写物业的大概年限,比如5-10年等。如果想要查看具体的物业年限可以咨询地产经纪帮忙查询。